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How IR35 Affects Your CV and 'Winning-Work' Strategy!


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This webinar is aimed at professional contractors and freelancers and is much more than a boring top 10 tips session – one of the attendees made the following comment: “Have listened to many people advising on CVs, etc. None have shared so much valuable, usable insight”.

Fill in the form to access the recording of this webinar, which was presented live by The CV & Interview Advisors on Tuesday 2nd July 2019. They provided compelling information surrounding the tricky subject of IR35 and specifically how this affects the way you should write your CV and LinkedIn profile and how you should adjust your winning-work strategy to remain in the good grace of HMRC.


How IR35 Affects Your CV and 'Winning-Work' Strategy!

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In this webinar, The CV & Interview Advisors have shared the following information:

  • Is your CV promoting an Inside-IR35 status? Many CVs do!
  • Tweaks you can make to your CV today that highlight your true Contractor status
  • Is your LinkedIn profile raising an IR35 red flag?
  • How to use LinkedIn to win work in a ‘true’ B2B manner
  • How to drive direct engagements and less recruiter-found contracts
  • How to build a network of collaborators, substitutes and sub-contractors
  • The small investments that can promote an Outside-IR35 status 

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How to write an effective contractor CV webinar recording