Up, close & personal with Pras Desai... Pras_amended-436815-edited

Pras joined the Orange Genie Group in 2009 having worked in management positions for some of the world's biggest organisations. As Business Development Director, Pras successfully launched Genie Education in late 2013 and has overseen the exponential growth to this part of the business. 

He is focused on ensuring that life is made as easy as possible for both supply teaching agencies and the teachers that we employ.

Having spoken to thousands of supply teachers over the last few years Pras recognises the challenging and demanding role they undertake, and his intimate knowledge of this sector has ensured that Genie Education is the uber employer of supply teachers in the UK.

So what plans does Pras have for Genie Education in the future?

The days of being seen just as a ‘’payroll company’’ is now a distant memory thanks to the comprehensive employment support provided to the teachers employed. Offering access to new additional and relevant benefits to teachers is important to him. The online safeguarding course provided to the teachers is just the starter, and further teaching resources will be added so that teachers can develop their careers.

For supply teaching agencies there is the ongoing reassurance and protection that Genie Education’s membership of the Freelancers and Contractors Services Association (FCSA) and Professional Passport affords them.

Pras is available 24/7 to speak to both supply teaching agencies and teachers. It may be best to avoid phoning him between 6am -7am in the morning when he’s likely to be in the gym attending a spinning class!