Up, Close & Personal with Dan Moss.... 

grey_dan.pngIn 2001 I started my career as an Accountant working for a small local four Partner practice. I quickly learnt the importance of client relationships and how ascertaining client goals are imperative to a successful relationship.

This bond can help clients realise their potential and ensure their companies are a success. I quickly learnt that whether you’re a Partner or office junior, driving the clients’ goals and aspirations have to be at the forefront of every decision. This helps cement a trustful, lasting relationship.

The Partners I worked for were on their way to retirement and desires of growth had wanted so I moved after five years. I briefly spent 18 months with a small practice, before making my leap into the world of contractor accounting.

I spent seven years at a top 35 Accountancy firm and instantly realised I had found a clientele I could relate to quickly. 

Providing contractor advice and delivering my clients goals became a real motivation and something I quickly succeeded at. My portfolio expanded and soon started receiving many referrals which aided growth. 

The owner of the firm quickly recognised this and I was rewarded with the unique opportunity to set up my own Regional office. This was a huge success. I took immense delight in providing my clients with a service they deserved and two years later the office had 600 clients and 10 staff.

Due to the success of the project, I was tasked with building another successful Region, this time achieving similar numbers but in less than 18 months, using the same techniques and core values.
Having thoroughly enjoyed myself and working with some unique and admirable contractors, I was presented with the opportunity to work for Orange Genie as Sales & Marketing Director.

Orange Genie offers a complete service right across the contracting board. The detail given to customer service, the operational excellence and desire to be the number one contractor accountant in the market was something I could easily relate to and something I wanted to be part of.

Orange Genie values every single client because without them the business would not succeed. To reward this we offer a unique referral scheme which recognises the support shown by our contractors.

In my spare time I am busy at home with my wife and four children. For down time I play football and golf, so always active.