Up, Close & personal with Gavin James....Gavin_revised

Meeting and speaking to people on a day to day basis, be it out socialising, at a cycling race or during the course of the working day, the question regularly crops up “what do you do for a living?” My answer is usually greeted with one of two reactions – surprise or a roll of the eyes followed by a “how did you get into that?” So it is clear that even in 2014, accountants still have this boring, number-crunching, characterless stigma attached to them.

I find it odd that this label has stuck. I got into accounting as numbers was something that always came very easily to me and I have always enjoyed calculations and number-based tasks (don’t laugh!). But I was wary that perhaps I was signing up to a life of boredom however, I refused to let myself be stereotyped and allow myself to live up to this stigmatism. Quite frankly, I am too much of a people person to allow that to happen and that is part of the reason I came to Orange Genie Group’s accountancy arm, when presented with the opportunity to be a Client Accountant back in May. The values and of the company and its attitude towards improving the lives of freelancers was endearing and refreshing to say the least.

Meeting people from all walks of live and working alongside them is a privileged position to be in but even more so, helping them to fulfil their ambitions of running a successful business and enable them to live their desired quality of life (– independent and totally in control of their working life) is something I am very passionate about.

Most people who embark on this contracting journey are entering unfamiliar territory, so naturally there is a hint of fear and plenty of ‘what ifs?’ in stark contrast to the mind-set of someone in permanent employment. What I find so rewarding about my role as a Client Accountant is helping my clients through those moments of uncertainty and offering them the support and guidance they need to get their head around their new found status. So when Genie Accountancy launched their Refer a Friend scheme, the thought of presenting my clients with the opportunity to get a 10% reduction in accountancy fees (as well as their friends!) by providing a high standard of service to them, really reinfused my passion to meet their needs. It is always nice to have feedback from your clients and something to serve as a gauge for the level of service you are providing and the number of referral clients in my portfolio serves as both.

I look forward to maintaining my current, diverse portfolio of clients and welcoming new additions.