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Orange Genie Umbrella or Agency PAYE?


While you’re working as a contractor, you may be asked to choose between Agency PAYE and employment with an umbrella company like Orange Genie Umbrella. This guide will explain the difference so you can make an informed choice about which is better for you. Download this guide to find out more.  


Orange Genie Umbrella or Agency PAYE?

Anyone can call themselves an umbrella company, and they don’t all do things properly or offer the same service. If you’re considering an umbrella company other than Orange Genie Umbrella please check that they’re accredited by FCSA, and ask for full details of what they offer for comparison. The question here is should you sign-up with an Umbrella Company like Orange Genie Umbrella or should you choose an Agency PAYE? Download this guide to learn more!

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Umbrella Company or Agency PAYE?