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Moving to the UK: A Guide for Overseas Teachers!

Welcome to your UK teaching adventure! Every year hundreds of intrepid overseas trained teachers travel to the UK, to develop their teaching skills and explore the major cities of the UK and Europe.
Most choose to be employed by an umbrella company, and as the UK’s leading employer of supply teachers and education support staff, Orange Genie Education are here to support and guide you every step of the way. Download this guide to find out more. 


Moving to the UK: A Guide for Overseas Teachers!

Whilst you’re helping to educate the future of our nation, Orange Genie Education support supply teachers by providing benefits and support that saves time, improves your health, and makes your money go further. Download this guide to discover all the resources available to overseas teachers when they move to the UK. To get your free copy today, fill the form above.

Moving to the UK a guide for overseas teachers