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Free Guide to VAT for Contractors and Freelancers.


Value Added Tax VAT, as it is also known, was first introduced into the UK in 1973. It is a tax based on the value of goods or services. VAT is charged, by a VAT registered business when it sells goods or services to another business, or to a non-business customer. In most contractors’ circumstances, it is the consultancy services that they supply that will attract VAT. VAT charged is called Output tax. Download our free guide to find out more. 


Free Guide to VAT for Contractors and Freelancers

In The Guide to VAT for Contractors and Freelancers, we have shared the following information:

  • What VAT scheme should I choose?
  • Standard VAT Scheme
  • Flat Rate VAT Scheme
  • Cash Accounting Scheme
  • Introduction for Contractors and Freelancers
  • VAT Rates
  • Do I need to register for VAT?
  • Annual accounting scheme
  • What does it mean to be VAT registered?
  • VAT Invoice
  • VAT Return
  • Important Dates
  • What we can do to help?
  • VAT Penalties
  • Deregistering
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Guide to Vat for contractors and freelancers