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Contractor's Guide to Travelling for Work and Working from Home


“What can I claim through my business? Is this a business expense?” Two of the most common questions we are asked and often the contractor’s focus is on his travel and subsistence costs.

This guide looks at all things travel and accommodation related. It will look at the everyday costs incurred to undertake your contract and consider when these are allowable against company profits. We will examine how you recognise when a cost may be tax deductible and the evidence you will need to support your claims. Download this free guide to learn more by filling out the form.


Guide to Travelling for Work and Working from Home

In this guide, we have shared the following information:

  • General travel and subsistence 
  • The 24 Month Rule
  • Company Car
  • Company Van
  • Cycling to work
  • Staying away from home
  • Working Abroad
  • Working from Home

If you feel you need more advice about your expenses, or if you have any questions about what you can claim, download this guide to learn more and call Orange Genie Accountancy today on 01296 468 185. 

To get your free copy today, fill the form above.

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