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Contractor's Guide to Demonstrating You’re Outside IR35!


If you’re contracting through a Limited company, your end client is now responsible for determining your IR35 status, unless they class as a small private company. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can demonstrate and support an outside IR35 status, which is just
as important when the determination is out of your hands... So how can you, as a contractor, demonstrate that you’re working outside IR35? Fill the form to download our free guide to find out more. 


Guide to Demonstrating You’re Outside IR35

In The Guide to Demonstrating You're Outside IR35, we have shared the following information:

  • Assessing your IR35 status
  • Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST)
  • Steps towards taking reasonable care
  • Contingent Worker Policy
  • Working Practices Questionnaire
  • Agreeing a Confirmation of Working
  • Working Environment

You will discover some ideas on how to protect yourself because If you are responsible for the decision you need to make sure your assessment is correct as getting it wrong could be very costly. 

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Guide Demonstrating you are outside IR35