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Contractor’s Guide to Workplace Pensions


Usually, workplace pensions are arranged by employers and offered to employees. This means that some contractors won’t have access to them, and will need to arrange their own pension provision.
However, if you’re employed by an umbrella company, things should be a little different. As your employer, the umbrella should arrange a workplace pension, and automatically enrol you into it if you qualify. Download our free guide to learn more. 

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Are you a contractor, a freelancer or a supply teacher?
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Make sure you have arranged your own pension provision.


Contractor’s Free Guide to Workplace Pensions.

All UK employers now have to offer a workplace pension scheme, and automatically enrol all eligible workers.

You’ll qualify if you:

• Are aged between 22 and retirement age

• Work in the UK

• Earn over £10,000 per year

Should you decide that you don’t want to contribute to your employer’s workplace pension scheme you do have the right to opt out after enrolment, but your employer must enrol you first. Employers are not allowed to encourage workers to opt out. Download our free guide to learn more. To get your free copy today, fill the form above.

Contractor guide to workplace pensions