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Contractor's Guide to Disguised Remuneration! 


Over the past 3 years, there has been a significant increase in Contractors and Freelancers using schemes to disguise their remuneration in order to avoid paying the correct taxes and NI contributions. If you are using a disguised remuneration scheme, you should settle your tax affairs as soon as possible. HMRC have the power to backdate the charge for unpaid taxes to the date the loan was originally made. They can fine you up to 100% of the amounts unpaid. Fill the form to download the guide and find out more. 


Free Contractor's Guide to Disguised Remuneration.

Changes in legislation [Criminal Finances Act 2017; Finance Bill 2017 - close company loans] significantly increase chances of you being caught and fined if you use an illegal scheme. As a result, If you feel you need more advice or are still unsure as to how this may affect you, download the Contractor's Guide to Disguised Remuneration to find out more. 

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Guide to disguised remuneration