Everything You Need To Know About IR35 Reform In The Public Sector

------------Live Q&A Webinar with Orange Genie---------------

Wed 15th  March 2017  


1 hour
Dan Moss

From April 2017, contractors  working in the public sector could find themselves taking home less pay if they are pushed down the 'inside IR35' route

Webinar email 4 picture 2.pngWith the April deadline fast approaching, the topic many contractors are talking about is 'IR35 Reform in the Public Sector'.

The forthcoming legislation will move the responsibility to determine IR35 status from you, the contractor, to the end client, agency or other third party paying your limited company. 

It is likely that they will apply a risk averse approach and deem all contracts to be  inside IR35, where perhaps before contractors had thought of themselves as being outside. Meaning you could find yourself paying more tax in April 2017.

This latest in our successful series of webinars is scheduled to follow the release of the revised legislation, so we can share our analysis and advice. This means the exact itinerary is subject to change.

Barring unexpected developments, we’ll be discussing 

  • IR35 - the present position and how it will change in April
  • The implications of the changes and what they might mean for your limited company
  • Potential solutions - what are your options and what will be the best ways for you to work after April
  • Frequently asked questions - covering some of the important issues contractors have asked us about over the last few weeks

You will have the opportunity to submit your questions in advance and in real time to pick the brains of our IR35 specialists. Contractor_UK_with_OGG.png