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Choosing the Right Umbrella Company: A Contractor’s Guide


If you’ve spent any time researching umbrella companies online, you will have seen a huge variety of adverts and read almost as many different promises. It’s inevitable that some of the companies you found will be less than honest and some of those promises will be less than true. Without specialist industry knowledge, choosing an umbrella company can be a minefield, and it’s your financial future that could be blown up.  Download our free guide to learn more. 

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Are you a contractor, a freelancer or a supply teacher?
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Make sure you have arranged your own pension provision.


Choosing the Right Umbrella Company: A Contractor’s Guide

In this guide, we’ll explain what you should be looking for, and how you can choose between compliant umbrella companies once you’ve found them. Why do you need a compliant umbrella company? Download this guide to find out more. 

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