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A Supply Teaching Agency’s Guide to Outsourcing Employment!


With the cost, risk and work of employing supply teachers rising all the time, it makes more sense than ever to outsource employment to an expert, specialist employer. Usually this means outsourcing to an umbrella company. However, outsourcing to the wrong umbrella company could be disastrous, particularly if the company you choose is not compliant. In this guide we’ll explain how to ensure you choose wisely, and how you can get the most value out of outsourcing the employment of your supply teachers to an umbrella company. Download this guide to find out more.   


A Supply Teaching Agency’s Guide to Outsourcing Employment.

As we said earlier, it’s vital to make sure you’re working with the right companies. Not only will this protect you from the unsavoury consequences of working with non-compliant companies, it can also make your processes work more smoothly, as well as protecting your teachers and enhancing their lives. So what should you look for? Download this  guide to find out more. To get your free copy today, fill the form above.

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