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A Contractor’s Guide to


A pension is an investment that is designed to provide an income later in life so that you do not have to work forever. There are certain tax benefits that HMRC offer to people who wish to save towards their retirement to encourage individuals to take more control over their retirement planning, rather than relying on the state benefits offered. Obviously, the earlier you start to plan for this stage of your life the easier it’ll be, although it really is never too late to start.

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A contractor’s Guide to

In the contractor's guide to pensions, our partner Contractor Wealth have shared great tips you can follow in order to effectively plan your pension. On the market today, there are a plethora of providers offering pensions with thousands of funds to chose from. If you are going it alone, you need to be confident that you are investing in the most appropriate scheme and getting the returns you deserve for the risk you can take, while not paying too high a price for this. Download this guide now to find out more.

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Contractor Wealth guide to pensions