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Contractor Mortgages: What You Need to Know!


Whether you’re a director of your own limited company or you’re a
self-employed sole-trader, you might expect your status as a contractor to cause a problem when you apply for a mortgage. At first glance, many lenders may be put off by a contractor’s profile and certainly the frontline staff at your high street bank won’t understand the contracting world. That’s where a specialist mortgage broker comes in. Orange Genie’s partner, CMME, will use their expertise and experience to find the best possible lender for you, and help you secure a mortgage based on your contract rate. This guide has been created to showcase everything you need to know about contractor mortgages. Fill the form to download our free guide to find out more. 


Contractor Mortgages: What You Need to Know!

In this guide, we have shared the following information:

  • How to secure a
    contractor mortgage
  • Why you need a specialist contractor
    mortgage broker

Whatever you might have heard, your choice to work as a contractor should not stop you getting a mortgage. However, because most high-street lenders don’t understand how you work, you might have to approach it in a different way that’s where Orange Genie’s partnership with a specialist contractor
mortgage broker, CMME can help! Download this guide to find out more. 

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